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General FAQs

How does ASTA work?
The Asta broadband satellite system is composed of a Satellite, a Gateway and Customers terminals. The satellite will link customers to the gateway to connect to the Internet.

In other words, you no longer need to worry about fibre cable cuts or network congestion or power outages on terrestrial infrastructures. Sit back and let Asta deliver reliable and fast Internet access to you and your users.

What is Asta?
Asta offers affordable high-speed satellite broadband with speeds of up to 20Mbps on the download. It is a satellite service delivered through a Ka-Band High-Throughput Satellite (HTS). Unlike traditional satellites which have a single beam to cover entire continents and regions, with the introduction of multiple spot beams and frequency reuse, Asta is capable of improving efficiency and increasing bandwidth by about 20x.
How do I access ASTA?
A small satellite dish (antenna) is installed on your roof/exterior of your home/office and a satellite modem connected to your computer. A valid subscription plan is also required.
How do I access ASTA?
A small satellite dish (antenna) is installed on your roof/exterior of your home/office and a satellite modem connected to your computer. A valid subscription plan is also required.
How much does ASTA cost?
The cost of Asta has 3 components. The hardware cost (satellite dish and modem), installation charges and cost of monthly subscription (applicable local taxes apply). More information can be obtained at
I don’t live in any city Coollink has its offices. How do I subscribe to Asta?
You can subscribe to Asta by going to our online store . Follow the prompts to choose your equipment type, data plan and location. We will contact you within 48hours of receipt of your order.
How can I become a Coollink reseller?
Please visit to fill out your details. Our Sales team will contact you within 48hours of receipt of your enquiry.

Equipment FAQs

What is the equipment required to obtain the Asta service?
You need an outdoor equipment (either a satellite dish of 74cm or 98cm width), a Block Up Converter (BUC) fixed on the dish, a pole or a mount to support the dish, Satellite modem HT2000, and some cabling of the appropriate length to go from the dish to the modem located indoors that is then connected to the user’s PC/laptop. A user may also connect a wireless router to the modem to enjoy wireless access.
Why is there just one modem type for Asta service?
The HT2000 features best-in class throughput performance, delivering up to 200 Mbps of throughput and the capability to support the most bandwidth-intensive and demanding applications.
Does the modem have wireless capability?
No, the modem doesn’t have wireless capability. You need a separate wireless device if you want to browse without physically connecting to the modem.
How does the antenna size affect the service quality?
If the subscriber is located closer to the edge of the Ka-band spot beam, the larger 98cm or 120cm antenna may be required to ensure stronger signal reception and a better quality service. Also, a 2w BUC may be required to ensure return link availability on the edge of coverage even if a 74cm antenna is used.

Subscription-Related FAQs

What are the available data plans?
There are 7 data plans tailored for different customer sectors and applications. Data plans vary in upload/download speed and data allowance that users are allocated in a 30-day period. More information is available at
Can I change my data plan?
You are free to change from one data plan to another with same/higher/lower speed. The only exception is when you have signed a contract for a specific plan that has an associated promotion. When you change from a lower speed plan to a higher speed plan, the higher speed takes effect immediately even if you have data remaining on your existing plan. If you change from a higher speed plan to a lower speed plan, the lower speed doesn’t take effect until you have exhausted the data allowance of the higher speed plan.
What do you mean by the term “Data allowance”?
Data allowance refers to the amount of data (download and upload in Gigabytes) that you are allowed to do in a 30-day period.
What is Zero-Rated Usage zone?
The Zero-Rated Usage zone is between 12midnight and 6am daily. During this time, all subscribers can enjoy downloading and uploading data without counting against their Data Allowance.
What do you recommend I do during the Zero-Rated Usage zone?
We recommend that you schedule your automatic system updates during the Zero-Rated Usage zone. You can also use a download manager software application to automatically schedule large file downloads to occur during the Zero-Rated Usage zone.
Can I still use the Zero-Rated Usage zone if I have already exhausted my Data Allowance?
No. Once your Data Allowance is exhausted, the validity of the plan expires. You need to have a valid data plan in order to use the Zero-Rated Usage zone.
I see Zero-Rated usage on my end user portal. What does that mean?
Zero-rated usage refers to the upload and download done during the Zero-Rated Usage zone (12midnight to 6am daily). This is not deducted from your Data Allowance.
What Activities Can Cause Me To Exceed My Data Allowance?
Some activities consume high data volumes and are more likely to cause you to exceed your Data Allowance. Several examples are listed below:
– Full-length movie or video downloads.
– Downloading very large files (i.e., file sizes that are close in size to the Download Allowance of your service plan)
– Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs.
– Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming and YouTube.
– Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP, or Web servers.
– Hosting computer applications such as Web-cam feeds.
– Internet based PC backup services that archive your data on a central server.
– Use of BitTorrent applications.

Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to exceed their Data Allowance. Note that all data downloaded to and uploaded from your PC or PCs will count against your Data Allowance. We encourage you to take a close look at the software you install and understand how it will use your Internet connection.

How Can I Reduce My Data Usage?
This can be done by reducing downloads. It can also be done by blocking of streaming, peer-to-peer file sharing and windows updates (this can be done from the end user portal ( Always ensure that your Wi-Fi access is granted to only authorized persons if you have a wireless device connected to your modem.
Can I view my data usage?
Yes. This can be viewed by visiting the end user portal ( You have to login with your credentials to view your usage. Please contact or 08000-COOLLINK for login details.
How Can I Get More Data Allowance?
You can get more data allowance by moving to a higher data plan.
Does my unused Data Allowance roll over?
Yes. The data roll-over rule applies when there is unused data left at the end of the validity period and the customer renews their data plan within 14 days of the validity expiration.

Service Performance FAQs

What are the factors that affect the Asta internet speed?
When you connect to the Internet using Asta, the upload and download speeds you experience will vary based on a variety of factors including the configuration of your computer, the number of concurrent users, network or Internet congestion, the size of the websites you are accessing, and many other factors. In most cases during peak hours, actual download speeds will likely be lower than speed indicated on the service plan. Speeds may also be affected if there is a major event and all users are trying to access the same content at the same time.
What are the computer systems supported by Asta system?
Asta works whether you are running a Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Android operating systems. All computers have to be equipped with Ethernet interface card in order to connect to the Asta modem.
I just renewed my subscription but I can’t browse, what happened?
This is most likely due to the fact that you have not activated your desired data plan. You can do this by visiting the end user portal ( You need to login with your credentials to choose and activate your desired data plan. Please contact or 08000-COOLLINK for login details.
Can I use the Asta broadband service on a Wi Fi network?
Asta service terminals are not Wi-Fi enabled. However, subscribers may connect their own wireless devices to enable the Wi-Fi. However, Coollink is not responsible for troubleshooting wireless routers or other devices not part of the Asta user terminal.
If I exhaust my Data Allowance, what should I do?
To continue downloading once you have exhausted your Data Allowance, simply purchase your desired Data plan. This can be done from the end user portal
How do I verify whether I have exceeded my Download Allowance?
You can track your current and past usage by visiting and clicking on “Data Usage” under “My Services”. You have to login with your credentials to view your data usage. Please contact or 08000-COOLLINK for your login details.
My link went down during rainfall. The rain has stopped but my link is not back up. What do I do?
Restart your modem. If the link doesn’t come up after that, please contact our 24/7 Customer Care on 08000-COOLLINK.

Installation FAQs

How can I install the equipment?
The Asta satellite dish and modem will be installed by a certified installer at a time that is convenient for you.
Can I install Asta myself?
No. All installations should be completed by a certified professional installer. This will guarantee the best service quality of the system.
Can I take the satellite system with me if I move to another house or town?
Certainly. All you need to do is contact us via or Coollink will send an installer back to your location to disconnect the dish and modem and then re-install them at your new location. If you are moving to another town, Coollink may arrange with any of its certified partner installers to contact you once you have reached your new destination. Coollink will be able to inform you if you need a different size dish at your new location and if any financial implications are involved.

Billings FAQs

Are there any promotional offers on service plan prices?
Service plans are generally based on a fixed 30-day charge. Coollink may run promotions or subscription fee reductions from time to time.
What do you mean by Validity Period?
Validity Period refers to either:
– A rolling 30-day window from the day you activate your data plan or
– Date of Data plan activation till when your Data Allowance is exhausted
Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes. All Asta service payments are done in advance unless you have a special signed agreement with Coollink.
Are there any termination fees upon the service cancellation?
There are no termination fees except if you have signed a fixed term contract (e.g. a 12 month contract) with Coollink and terminate the contract before the contract expiration date. This is particularly true for service plans that have a promotional subscription or equipment offer.
How do I pay for data plans?
You can pay using Quickteller or by bank deposit into any of our bank accounts. Your AccountID should be stated as reference for all payments. You can pay online from the end user portal ( You need to login with your credentials. Please contact or 08000-COOLLINK for login details.